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Letter from japanese pear branding
ykarchitects architectural concept movie movie, graphic
Kyoto Ochanokosaisai branding, art direction, graphic, sign
Concept movie of yamagiwa movie
BAROQUE|KOJIMA TAKASHI art direction, graphic
Dried vegetables brand OYAOYA branding, art direction, graphic ,photo
Kyogawara Inc. Asada kawara factory graphic


Polar Design offers visual design services focusing on moving images and graphic design. We are based in Kyoto and Aichi prefecture, Japan. We offer video productions, including concept videos that convey the attractiveness of each company and its products. We also produce videos that document the process of creation, such as the arts, craft products, and other creative works. We primarily film our concept and documentary videos live. Our graphic design services cover everything from business branding —including CI/VI, web design, and sign design—to business cards and envelopes and many other items. We look forward to receiving your request.
Our motto is to flexibly consider and respond to the appropriate way forward and solution for each case, so please feel free to contact us for a consultation.
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