We Express the Heart of the Matter in Visual Form Philosophy Polar Design is dedicated to helping our clients visualize and communicate their key values.
Method We get to know our clients by consulting with them closely and developing a deep understanding of their key values. We bring these values to life with fresh visual concepts, creating images and videos that our clients’ audiences will respond to from the heart. Finally, we share the media we create with our clients' target markets using a flexible approach.
Our Creative Concept We believe our clients are full of original ideas. But in this borderless age, the media landscape has become both more sophisticated and more homogenized. Although audiences today are inundated with a steady supply of images, we capture their attention by expressing our clients’ appeal in a truly creative way.
We are skilled videographers and photographers who develop powerfully original creations that bring our clients’ unique charms to life.


Polar Design offers visual design services focusing on moving images and graphic design. We are based in Kyoto and Aichi prefecture, Japan. We offer video productions, including concept videos that convey the attractiveness of each company and its products. We also produce videos that document the process of creation, such as the arts, craft products, and other creative works. We primarily film our concept and documentary videos live. Our graphic design services cover everything from business branding —including CI/VI, web design, and sign design—to business cards and envelopes and many other items. We look forward to receiving your request.


Takashi Kuroyanagi CEO・Creative Directer・Graphic Designer・Cinematographer
Completed Master's program in Design Science at Kyoto Institute of Technology (Nakano Design Laboratory)
Started working as a freelancer at the same time working for a design office
2020 Became independent
To present
Polar Design Inc.
2F Sanjo-Factory, 29-3, Imashinzaike Nishicho, Kyoto-Shi Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto, 604-8801, Japan
6 people
Capital stock
3,000,000 yen
Notable clients
Aomi Precision Co.,Ltd / Kyo-Kawara Asada Tile Factory / Agriture Inc. / Agence France-Muséums (France) / ART CAMP TANGO Committee / Econosys Design Inc. / Grinder Inc. / Kurotani Washi Cooperative Group / Shuon-an Ikkyu-ji Temple / Shin Nippon Calendar Co.,Ltd/ SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM / Nagauta Kirakukai / Nara Women's National University / NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK EUROPE B.V. (Netherlands) / Fukuoka Weaving Co., Ltd. / Hobonichi Co., Ltd. / Maruya Co.,Ltd / Yagi Art Management Co., Ltd. / Yamasaki Architects Studio Inc. (alphabetical order)

We work with a wide variety of clients, from sole proprietors to corporations, public sector, and overseas clients.
We are based in Kyoto, Japan, and work throughout Japan regardless of location. We will come anywhere in the world upon request.
Video production, logo design, branding design, CI/VI planning, photography, graphic design (packages, business cards, brochures, envelopes, paper bags, posters, flyers, signs, etc.), signage design, web design
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Awarded Honorable Mention, Japan Package Design Awards, VI/BI Category
Honorable Mention, Japan Typography Yearbook, Logotype and Symbol Mark Division
HKDA GDA Hong Kong International Design Award Exellence
HKDA GDA Hong Kong International Design Award Bronze