KAME-NOZOKI (2022) Trailer

Musical conception_ Akiko Ahrendt - Ryoko Aoki - Lea Letzel - Jun Sagawa - Florian Zwißler
Cast_Akiko Ahrendt - violin - Ryoko Aoki - Noh voice - Lea Letzel - direction - Jun Sagawa - organ - Florian Zwißler - electronics - littlebit GbR - technical direction
Video documentation Cologne_Mütze Media
Video documentation Kyoto_Takashi Kuroyanagi(Polar Design Inc.)
Editing_Julian Pawelzik


After two years of digital preparation and rehearsal, we are now looking forward to exploring the limits and edges of linguistic description systems, cultural peculiarities and individual perceptions of color perception in a concertante music theater evening.

The project was created in collaboration with the organist Jun Sagawa, the Noh - singer Ryoko Aoki, the violinist Akiko Ahrendt and the synthesizer soloist Florian Zwißler under the direction of Lea Letzel.

The project will take place in August 2022 in the Cologne Art Station St. Peter and in November 2022 in the Grace Chapel of the Doshisha - Elementary and Junior Highschool Kyoto. The two places are connected by their special organs located there.

*Kame - nozoki refers to the very light blue that results from the dyeing of textiles with the indigo plant and denotes the first touch, the very first appearance of indigo in the dyeing vat.

August 12, 2022, 19.30h Kunst-Station St. Peter, Cologne